OrgSync: Your Online Campus Community!

Time to get connected to the online community for all organizations on campus! It is beneficial for all members to get registered on OrgSync as soon as possible  to get SYNCED with other organizations and get in on what’s happening!

How do I register for OrgSync?

1. Go to the top right of the home page

2. Click register and follow the instructions.

3. Request to be added to CSULB American Marketing Association’s group!

What is OrgSync?

OrgSync is the leading provider of organization management software for higher education institutions across the United States and Canada. Our web-based application offers more than 50 tools that together revolutionize the way campus administrators, student organizations, and students communicate and interact. Each community is set up to mimic the existing campus hierarchy and creates a collaborative system connecting users with organizations and organizations with institutions.

Each organization and program on campus is provided with their own online community to communicate with members and manage their events, calendars, files, dues, websites and much more. Campus administrators have many of the same tools but with an additional governing ability over the organizations, which allows them to centrally manage all of the activities and student organizations on campus.

In addition to providing software solutions, we also provide premium customer service to all of our clients. Each campus is assigned a dedicated consultant who will provide training and help to ensure a successful implementation. Our consultants work directly with your institution to setup and custom brand your community, train your staff and student leaders, and launch OrgSync to the general student body.

How does OrgSync benefit members and the organization in the long run?

Once members begins using OrgSync, the foundation is set to help them  manage their out-of-classroom experiences and ultimately become a more involved student. Students will be able to keep a detailed record of involvement and reflect on experiences.

OrgSync stays with each individual after they graduate and helps to ease the transition from student to alumni. By keeping the alumni active and involved, campuses are now able to improve fundraising efforts and other charitable giving from alumni.