Membership Loyalty Program

Membership Loyalty Program

We recognize our members for their participation and involvement in the American Marketing Association. Through the “Membership Loyalty Program”, we encourage our members to use the resources we provide to enhance their professional development. The Membership Loyalty Program will also give our members the opportunity for an interactive experience that enriches their time in AMA with friendly completion and fun activities.

The members will be rewarded through our point system. Members will receive points through participation and will be rewarded with a certificate and other prizes that celebrate their achievements throughout the year at our Awards Banquet.  


Points will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • 1 point for attending general meeting
  • 1 point for wearing AMA t-shirt
  • 1 point for attending social event
  • 2 points for attending a community service event
  • 2 points for attending fundraising events
  • 3 points for attending networking events such as firm tours and the fall semester regional conference
  • 4 points are for attending the Annual International Collegiate Conference in the spring semester.

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