Membership Activation Program

Membership Activation Program (M.A.P)

M.A.P was created to give our members a fully interactive experience that enriches their time in AMA through close community, friendly competition and LOTS of fun events and activities. This program will make sure that members are getting the absolute most out of AMA and making lifelong friendships in the process. M.A.P will place members into one of seven Squads, that consist of two E-board Squad Leaders and around 15 members. After being assigned to a Squad based on a survey of their schedules, hobbies and personalities, members will participate in various activities including socials, networking and competitions.


Point System 

Each Squad will be accumulating points based on:

  1. How many members come to events
  2. Mini-competitions during our meetings
  3. Occasional team projects 
  4. Tournament style competitions 


Meeting Attendance: 1 point (or 2 points if you wear your T-Shirt)

Mini-Competitions: 1 point for each member

Social Event: 1 point for each member

Community Service Events: 2 points for each member

Professional Events: 3 points for each member

Tournament Style Competitions: Will vary 

Team Projects: Will vary 


Completion of M.A.P & Squad Championship

At the end of the semester, every member will receive a certificate that celebrates their participation in their first M.A.P program. There will be a grand celebration at our Awards Banquet in December where we can look back at the amazing experiences we’ve had, and we’ll be announcing the Squad Champions of the Semester, along with Member of the Semester.



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