Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about our organization. If for some reason a question you may have cannot be answered below, don’t hesitate to ask an Eboard member. For a faster response, fill out the form in the Contact Us tab.

1. Do you have to be a marketing major to join?

No, CSULB AMA accepts ALL majors, even undeclared!

2. How do I become a member?

It’s easy! Pick up a membership packet at a Monday meeting, in the ABSOC Office (CBA 241), or download it on our website in the Join tab. Just fill out the membership application and the “About Me” questionnaire. Return both with your payment of cash or check, (check must be made out to CSULB AMA) to the ABSOC office (CBA-241) or to Armaan or Crystal at the Monday meeting.

3. How much does it cost?

For an entire year of membership with CSULB AMA and the National AMA organization, it only costs $100! We also have an alternative option for those that are strapped for cash to enjoy a semester of local membership. Please make all checks payable to CSULB AMA.

4. What are the fees used for?

All members must pay the CSULB AMA chapter dues. Dues go towards food, social events, workshops, firm tours, and speakers! As a paid member, you will also receive discounts on social events.

5. Can I make payments in installments?

Unfortunately, the one time membership fee, whichever option you choose, must be paid in full. One of our goals is to keep the dues affordable for everyone without sacrificing content. We pride ourselves on trying to make everyone’s experience our upmost priority.

6. How do I pay?

Please make checks payable to CSULB AMA.

7. Where do I return my membership forms and dues?

Please make sure your check and the two forms (“About Me” questionnaire and “Membership Application) are all attached together. Drop the items into the CSULB AMA black membership box inside the ABSOC Office (CBA 241). You can also bring the items to the Monday meetings and give it to Armaan or Crystal. 

8. What do I get with my membership?

Including countless networking opportunities, you’ll be able to attend our socials, community service events, fundraisers, score an internship exclusive to only CSULB AMA, and make lasting friendships and memories!

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