American Marketing Association Certificate Programs

As part of its goal to increase the value proposition to collegiate members, AMA has launched a series of Certificate Programs designed to prepare you for life beyond college, and importantly, to make you more marketable to employers. Given that students have a hard time meeting their financial obligations while in college, you will be happy to know that these programs are free of charge to dues paying AMA collegiate members.

These programs are meant to supplement your education and make you more marketable in your post-collegiate job search. Each certificate program will require a signed verification after you’ve completed the requirements. AMA will then mail you a certificate of completion and we encourage you to list the achievement on your resume.

AMA Career Development Certificate
We know that searching for that perfect internship or post-graduation job can be challenging and stressful. It is known that networking and career development are critical components for not only landing that dream job, but also for long-term career success. AMA offers the AMA Career Development Certificate to help you develop the skills and knowledge to market yourself in the best light.

The purpose of the Career Development Certificate is to:

• Refine and develop your networking skills,
• Develop your online presence and appropriate use of social media in the job search
• Provide knowledge in areas of career development such as resume writing, interviewing, job search, and internships, and
• Give you a competitive advantage in your job search.

Visit the AMA Career Development Certificate program landing page to get started!

AMA Marketing Research Certificate
The AMA Marketing Research Certificate Program exposes Collegiate AMA Members to a variety of research topics as a means of providing you an understanding of what a career in marketing research entails. Through a series of video tutorials we cover basic knowledge about sound research practices and insight into key research analytics and software programs like SPSS and Survey Monkey.

The AMA Marketing Research Certificate Program has six video modules, some with individual sub-modules.

These include:
1. An Introduction to the Program and to the Research Industry
2. Research Methods
-Primary vs. Secondary
-Types of Data
-Qualitative vs. Quantitative Data
3. Data Collection Methods
4. Data Analysis-Frequency
-One-Way Anova
5. SPSS Tutorial
6. Survey Monkey Tutorial (Online Surveys)

You may do the Marketing Research Certificate Program on your own, BUT we encourage Chapters to set aside time where members can view the videos together and then discuss their content, with each student needing to provide signed documentation that they viewed all modules.

This is a very informative program, one that will look good on your resume.
Visit the AMA Marketing Research Ceritificate Program page to get started!

These programs are free to AMA Collegiate Members, so please take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and to build your resume!

The Collegiate Chapters Council and the AMA Collegiate Division