Maria Nguyen



Hometown: Taytay Rizal, Philippines

Birthday: October 24

Major: Business Marketing

Minor: Event Planning

Current Internship: Intern at CSULB Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden. 

Favorite Thing About AMA: The diversity and the opportunity to get out there and out of my comfort zone.

Inspiration to Run for AMA: The bond the previous E-board among each other inspired me to become a part of the board in order to make sure future member can experience and see what I saw in AMA.

Career Plans in the next 5 years: Work for an event planning firm as an event coordinator assistant (better yet, as an event coordinator).

Hobbies: Baking, reading, eating and sleeping.

Favorite AMA Moment: Working on the events & fundraising committee.

Interesting Fact: I didn’t know how to put gas in a car, until about 3 months after I got my license

Quote that you live by: To say what’s on my mind, to do as I please, to not have regrets, to inspire and be inspired.

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