Directors of Corporate Relations

Billy Hernandez

Director of Corporate Relations

Hometown: Pomona, CA

Birthday: April 22

Major: Marketing

Current Internship: Iocaine Marketing intern; LA World Airports Business Outreach intern

Favorite Thing About AMA: Being able to network with a lot of different people.

Inspiration to Run for AMA: To take on the challenge and responsibility that comes from being an integral part of the organization and (along with the endeavor) to build up my own confidence and leadership skills.

Career Plans in the next 5 years: To be working in the Marketing division of a prominent video game company or doing Sports Marketing with a Mexican or European football team.

Hobbies: Listening to music, playing video games, and watching football (REAL football – aka “soccer”).

Favorite AMA Moment: My favorite AMA moment was our Palos Verde hiking trip. 

Interesting Fact: I mostly listen to old-school and “underground” hip-hop. 

Quote that you live by: “Don’t live your life making excuses. You’re the one who decides how you live your life.” – Mugen


Karmine Tawagon

Director of Corporate Relations

Hometown: Taytay Rizal, Philippines

Birthday: October 24

Major: Business Marketing

Minor: Event Planning

Current Internship: Intern at CSULB Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden. 

Favorite Thing About AMA: The diversity and the opportunity to get out there and out of my comfort zone.

Inspiration to Run for AMA: The bond the previous E-board among each other inspired me to become a part of the board in order to make sure future member can experience and see what I saw in AMA.

Career Plans in the next 5 years: Work for an event planning firm as an event coordinator assistant (better yet, as an event coordinator).

Hobbies: Baking, reading, eating and sleeping.

Favorite AMA Moment: Working on the events & fundraising committee.

Interesting Fact: I didn’t know how to put gas in a car, until about 3 months after I got my license

Quote that you live by: To say what’s on my mind, to do as I please, to not have regrets, to inspire and be inspired.



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