Director of Finance

Sebastian Azcunaga

Director of Finance

Hometown: Inglewood

Birthday: January 26 1993

Major: Business Accounting

Current Internship:

Favorite Thing About AMA: Being able to network with professional from a vast pool of industries.

Inspiration to Run for AMA: Seeing how previous AMA members have benefited from being part of it.

Career Plans in the next 5 years: To work for a automobile industry such as Toyota,Honda, or Mitsubishi.

Hobbies: My hobbies include playing sports such as Soccer, working on cars, hiking, and helping others

Favorite AMA Moment: NOLA

Interesting Fact: My parents changed my last name legally from Lopez.

Quote that you live by: 

“Absorb what is useful

Reject what is useless

Add what is essentially your own.” -Bruce Lee

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