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What is AMA?

The American Marketing Association (AMA) is an organization made up of more than 38,000 professionals, professors, and students who are leading the practice, teaching, and development of marketing worldwide. It provides resources, education, career and professional development opportunities. Through relevant information, comprehensive education and targeted networking, the AMA assists marketers in deepening their marketing expertise, elevating their careers and ultimately, achieving better results.

Mission Statement

The mission of the California State University, Long Beach American Marketing Association (AMA) is to compliment the university’s academic curriculum by providing our members with real world marketing practices through means of

    • extensive networking
    • professional development workshops
    • committee involvement
    • organizing a student-ran marketing agency
    • gathering a diverse range of speakers
    • direct communication on several communication platforms


• Dedicated and involved AMA members.
• AMA valued as a vital contributor to the campus and local community.
• Connecting students to the professional business world.


• Diversity – embrace the creativity, ideas, strengths, and experiences of each AMA member.
• Integrity – maintain a professional standard that is both ethically and socially responsible.
• Service – provide beneficial cost-effective services to students that promote growth and exposure to the professional business world.
• Teamwork – promote relationship building, cooperation with campus and community, and open communication

Who are we?

The California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) chapter is one of 323 active collegiate chapters of AMA across the United States and internationally, including Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Every semester we continue to increase our membership, as well as remaining a successful and dynamic organization on campus and within the community. A strong focus is placed on community service and fundraising,  as well as hosting activities such Marketing Week with professional speakers. We also help students with professional development by offering internships and providing real-world marketing experience with our student-run agency, Agency 241.
All collegiate chapters will join together in New Orleans, Louisiana for the 38th Annual International Collegiate Conference. A network of over 1,000 students and their faculty advisers gather to learn about career paths within the marketing field from representatives from top companies and celebrate their AMA chapters and accomplishments.

CSULB AMA received the following awards for 2014-2015

  • Top 25 Chapter 
  • Outstanding Fundraising 
  • Outstanding Memberships 
  • Exemplary Collegiate Chapter Performance  
  • Be The Match Awards: Best Event (1st Place), Best Fundraising (2nd Place), Best Overall (Runner Up)

To view past awards, click here

Other Resources

Below is a list of links to CSULB and CBA resources that are provided for student use. We hope they are of great help for you all. If you have any questions, please contact us at csulbama@gmail.com.

California State University, Long Beach


CBA – College of Business Administration 

absoc logo

ABSOC – Associated Business Students Organization Council

Beta Alpha Psi – Accounting Society

BBSA – Black Business Student Association

DSP – Delta Sigma Pi

FMA – Financial Management Association

HSBA – Hispanic Student Business Association

HRMA – Human Resources Management Association

IBA – International Business Association

MBA Program


CBA Scholarships

SCPO Awards & Scholarships


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